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A landing page dedicated to Yucutan, Mexico cenotes | Made with Figma

Wawa Ice Tea (3).png

A promotion page for Wawa Iced Tea | Made with Figma

Group 3

A freelance website maintained for an authentic Filipino e-commerce business | Hosted on Shopify

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Group 4

A freelance website maintained for a consulting firm  | Hosted on Wix

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A freelance website made for a non-profit company | Hosted/Designed on Figma and WordPress

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Simple website design for HHA company |Hosted/Designed with Adobe InDesign and Vistaprint

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Branding Illustration Logo Coffee

Created with Adobe Illustrator

Illustrations | Created on Figma

blacjk woman7_ tablet (1)7_ Tablet (2)7_ tablet

Branding Illustration PlantBranding Illustration Ladder

Business cards | Designed on Figma

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